Balance tight deadlines and competent due diligence with a virtual data room

The IPO Journey

Transitioning a business into a publicly traded company through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a significant milestone for every company. Manage this document intensive process and indicative timetable alongside your virtual data room.

When to Organize your Data Room

Be prepared ahead of the kick-off meeting. Begin the due diligence process and assist in organizing the data room well in advance. Often, the early disclosure drafting process is slowed down during the discovery process as certain issues may lead to delay.


Stay ahead.

Don’t wait for due diligence requests following the IPO
kick-off meeting to begin organizing your data room.

To assist in IPO transactions, Docutone DataRoom offers:

  • Document indexing structure. Organize documents at different stages – initial preparation, regulatory vetting, and marketing & offering
  • Authorized users. Utilize access rights protocols to control user access
  • Document control. Only release documents due for review by stages throughout the process
  • User & File Reports. A sure-fire way of confirming user review of data

First-time users may find the idea of setting up a data room daunting. With this five-step route, get your Docutone DataRoom up and running in no time. 


From DataRoom to ESS

  • When ready to submit documents for publication, configure your DataRoom’s folder structure and user groups according to HKEX E-Submission System (ESS) requirements. Follow the ESS user accounts structure by setting users based on roles: company Administrator, Security Officer, up to 8 Publication Related Matter users and up to 8 Listing Related Matter users.

  • Follow file naming rules and file name character limitations. Designate file prefix names for English language files to be start with the letter “e” and Chinese language files to start with the letter “c”.

  • Depending on Main Board or GEM cases, split large files 10MB & 20MB respectively into smaller files depending on size requirements.


Comprehensive security is considered at every layer, from our choice of infrastructure to our data encryption standards.


Learn how to use Docutone DataRoom’s key features to your firm’s advantage.

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