Structured Finance

Effective transaction execution to fit your business objectives

Integrated Documents

Gain control over time-sensitive files in the areas of structured finance and securitizations. The Docutone Virtual Data Room serves as a central platform for the collection, organization, review and sharing of high volume files associated with asset and mortgage backed securities, collateralized debt or bond obligations (CDOs or CBOs), synthetic financial instruments, and syndicated loans.

Content Security

Confidentiality in an organization’s financing transactions are often complex and multitiered. Discover how to keep your specific financial-related transaction secure when sharing externally for strategic information privy to most of the organization.


A central platform for reliable security and governance.

To assist in structured finance transactions, Docutone Virtual Data Room offers:

  • Better control. Role assignments are based on function; internal vs external users, invisible supervisors, file managers, project administrators
  • Stricter access. Document permissions for file downloads, previews, digital watermarks based on user groups
  • Tracking capabilities. Transaction feedback available in real-time. Reports shows know who views what, when, and for how long.

The Docutone Virtual Data Room is typically used in securitization, structured finance and credit risk transfer transactions. User groups include represent borrowers, sponsors, underwriters/arrangers, servicers, investors, and more.


Comprehensive security is considered at every layer, from our choice of infrastructure to our data encryption standards.


Learn how to use Docutone Virtual Data Room’s key features to your firm’s advantage.

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