Support pre-M&A due diligence to closing and post integration

M&A Solutions

Allow your team seamless access in handling the document heavy needs of complex tax, corporate finance, securities, antitrust, real estate, environmental and employee benefits issues that often arise with the purchase and sale of a business.

Post Acquisition Integration

Avoid post-acquisition integrations pitfalls by nailing document control. When time is of essence, skip extensive configuration required in corporate sharing solutions like SharePoint, and quickly roll out secure access to internal and external teams.


Keep connected.

Structure and timely document access are indispensable to
enable teams to select an optimum candidate.

To assist in M&A transactions, Docutone Virtual Data Room offers:

  • Easy to use and stable due diligence platform. Users will not need to take hours off to learn a new interface
  • Q&A workflow. The module to manage backlog, re-direct questions to subject matter experts and structure FAQs
  • Support. Easy access support with ticketing systems or phone
  • Reports. Preset reports to provide quick analytics to real-time user behavior

For M&A deals, the Docutone Virtual Data Room is commonly used for M&A sell-side, buy-side and post-merger integrations. 


Comprehensive security is considered at every layer, from our choice of infrastructure to our data encryption standards.


Learn how to use Docutone Virtual Data Room’s key features to your firm’s advantage.

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