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Share Transaction Documents Easily

Being an information-driven field, legal firms have to be careful with their data. Legal professionals have to handle confidential client data, juggle multiple tasks & cases and make a note of most minute changes, which requires constant access to documents and smooth collaboration.

Control & Monitor Sensitive Data

Legal firms often find themselves inundated with the number of documents they have to deal with. Operating in an ad-hoc environment using simple word processors, general document storage and emails often results in low productivity, with the potential of loss in legal judgments, reputation and clientele. Learn how to manage large volumes of documents in a simplified matter focused platform.


Standing behind the latest technologies to secure your project.

To assist legal firms, the Docutone Virtual Data Room offers:

  • Data room by project. Organize documents by matter and easily search case-related files
  • Document review. Insert comments while previewing documents. Manage document version control
  • Q&A module. Centralize peer review discussions in the Q&A module
  • Client sharing. Share the correct document version with clients in a professionally branded site

A virtual data room is a document management platform to easily and securely share large volume files. 


Comprehensive security is considered at every layer, from our choice of infrastructure to our data encryption standards.


Learn how to use Docutone Virtual Data Room’s key features to your firm’s advantage.

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