Share Confidential Business
Documents Discreetly

Share Confidential Business Documents Discreetly

The tool guaranteed to send any private and confidential business-critical documents safely over the internet protected from prying eyes

Secured Communication Tool

Did you know files that are sent over the email are not safe from hackers? Email providers strongly discourage sending credit card information over the email. Even with today’s security protocols, CISCO’S 2021 Cybersecurity report reveals that at least one person in 86% of organizations have compromised their email data. Data breaches are not only a nightmare for the privacy of users but can severely impact businesses. According to Accenture, cybercrime has cost businesses 5.2 trillion dollars worldwide making high-tech security a top priority.
It is not impossible to send and receive privately confidential documents across the globe securely. Introducing Docutone’s DocTransport a standalone online tool that facilitates the collection of due diligence documents encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption technology. Business owners can populate due diligence questionnaire into folders within minutes and upload them with the corresponding index generated. Invited users can also comment and receive due diligence documents without need of additional software.

Key Features

Learn how DocTransport transforms your file sharing experience free of headaches.
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Easy File Sharing

No additional software and no file size limits. Drag, drop, and send. Simple settings to control access.

Share Externally

Recipient does not need to be a Docutone user. Send confidently to anyone around the world.

Uncompromised Security

Your documents are locked in 256-bit encryption and only the recipient can unlock it upon successful verification.

Document Request

Receive due diligence documents securely via DocTransport even if the third party is not a Docutone user.

Controlled Access

Limit the number of views to the document and set a time-based expiry to prevent further access.

Watermark Option

Applies a watermark on your document protecting its integrity of ownership.

File Storage

Grant third party users ability to use DocTransport as a secured workspace with configurable storage options.

File Access Audit Trail

DocTransport keeps track of all actions taken by the recipient on your shared documents. You can check the audit trail of any folder or document on how and when the recipient accessed it.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Access to documents on DocTransport is accelerated through a Content Delivery Network so that users may gain fast access to files no matter where their location may be.

Unbreachable Security

You have probably heard that no security solutions are perfect. What if a hacker breaks the 256-bit encryption and compromising valuable business assets? Hackers uses techniques such as brute forcing to break into weak passwords. However, it will take supercomputers at least a billion years to decipher the encryption of a private key that contains 2^256 possible combinations. Hypothetically, there is no way for anyone with current technologies to compromise this level of security. Our servers are also externally certified, your data security is paramount to us.
ISO 27001 - Docutone
2FA - Docutone
256 BIT AES - Docutone
CSA - Docutone

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Free Trial

RMB 0 per month
  • 30 day free trial
  • Maximum storage at 200MB
  • Maximum single upload at 30MB
  • Maximum third party users at 10


RMB 200 per month
  • Maximum storage at 2GB
  • Maximum single upload at 30MB
  • Unlimited party users
  • File Synchronization


Subject to Quotation
  • Custom Branding
  • 5 minimum employee users
  • Maximum storage at 50GB
  • Maximum single upload at 50MB
  • Unlimited party users
  • File Synchronization

Frequently Asked Question

What is DocTransport?
DocTransport is an online platform to store, share and request documents securely and is an ideal tool for due diligence document collection and due diligence report preparation.
What benefits can you achieve from using DocTransport?
  • Significantly speed up your due diligence
  • Substantially reduce your due diligence costs
  • Keep your sensitive documents closely under your watch throughout the due diligence process.
What main features does DocTransport have to help your due diligence?
  • Convert your due diligence questionnaire into a hierarchy of folders in minutes
  • Upload due diligence documents with ease by drag and drop
  • Customizable index system for diligence documents
  • Real time messaging on folder and document collaboration
  • Daily email alert on actions to shared documents
  • Daily email alert on activities to documents requested
  • Review due diligence documents and comment on them
How safe is Docutone DocTransport?
Docutone Transport is hosted on data centers that are ISO27001 and CSA certified. Our industrial leading 256 bit SSL and AES 256 bit encryption technology offers bank grade protection of your data in transit, in use and at rest.
Who are Docutone Transport’s target users?
A Docutone binder typically has the following features:
  • Corporates
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Government agencies
  • VC and PE firms
Do I need to install any application or addon before I can use Docutone Transport?

No need to install anything. Not even any addins or plugins. All you need is to have internet connection and one of the following main stream browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • 360 Browser
  • Firefox
Do I have a free trial?
Yes, you can contact us and ask for a free trial.



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